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Black Sakura
Caramel Ice Cream
Mango Freeze
Naked Unflavored
Strawberry Freeze
Strawberry Sky
Summer Fruit

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Hyppe Max Air is a customer-focused brand known for its exceptional research and e-liquids craftsmanship, which has helped the brand become a leading contender in the world of vaping devices and e-juices. And in keeping with the culture of performance, satisfaction, and e-juice quality, the company released the newest addition – the Hyppe Max Air disposable.

In keeping up with the other vapes in the Hyppe series, the Hyppe Max boasts of some of the best e-juices you will ever taste. The Hyppe Max Air is a brilliant device and its design is impeccable. A compact and lightweight disposable, the Hyppe Max Air disposable can fit into your pocket, meaning that it is discreet and can fit into your palm or breast pocket.

The Hyppe Max Air is draw-activated and has a mouthpiece that is synced to your lip. This means that it is ergonomic and easy to vape. A stand-out feature that seems overlooked by other companies, this ready-to-vape device has an LED technology component. When you take a draw, the light comes on to let you know that the device is working and you have some power in the battery tank. A waning light means it is time to charge your device.

The Hyppe Max Air Max features 5% salt nicotine and a powerful mesh coil, meaning that it is not ideal for use in sub-ohm tank systems. The juice is intended for low-wattage pod devices. This means that the cloud it produces is optimal and you can feel the kick with every draw.

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Black Sakura, Caramel Ice Cream, Lush Freeze, Mango Freeze, Mighty Mint, Naked Unflavored, Sour Peach, Strawberry Freeze, Strawberry Sky, Summer Fruit


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