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Fume Infinity – Shop all Flavors FUME INFINITY DISPOSABLE is a new and unique device by the FUME VAPE. The device is a game changer to the vape industry. The pod…

Black Ice ‑ NEW FLAVOR
Blueberry Cotton Candy ‑ NEW FLAVOR
Blueberry Mint
Cotton Candy
Cuban Tobacco
Desert Breeze ‑ NEW FLAVOR
Double Apple
Grape Ice ‑ New Flavor !!
Kiwi Strawberry ‑ NEW FLAVOR
Lychee Ice ‑ back in stock
Rainbow Candy
Rasberry Watermelon ‑ NEW FLAVOR
Strawberry Banana
Strawberry Mango ‑ NEW FLAVOR
Strawberry Watermelon ‑ NEW FLAVOR
Tropical Punch
Unicorn ‑ NEW FLAVOR
Yogurt Ice Cream ‑ NEW FLAVOR

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FUME INFINITY DISPOSABLE is a new and unique device by the FUME VAPE. The device is a game changer to the vape industry. The pod has a new design that differ from pervious devices like Extra and Ultra, the device looks like a small box and curve shapes to fit the user’s hands. From the first moment you hold the device, you feel elegancy and great touch.

Powerful Device
This amazing 3500 hits offer unlimited pleasure for anyone who try the device. The device uses new technology that made the vape experience much better and smoother. The flavors were selected by studying the market trends and what users like and love. If you enjoy FUME products then this device is a must to try.

Specifications / and details

Currently there are more than 16 special flavors for the device. flavors like ICE MINT, PINA COLADA, BANANA ICE, BLUEBERRY MINT, MANGO and other amazing flavors the product details is as follow.

The HITS count of fume vape device is 3,500
It has a Nicotine Strength of 5%
contains an E-liquid capacity of 12ml
16 amazing flavors you can choose from

Tropical Punch
Strawberry Banana
Rainbow Candy
Purple Rain
Mint Ice
Peach Ice
Lush Ice
Pina Colada
Gummy Bears
Double Apple
Fresh Vanilla
Blueberry mint
Blue Razz
Cotton Candy

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Banana Ice, Black Ice – NEW FLAVOR, Blue Razz, Blueberry Cotton Candy – NEW FLAVOR, Blueberry Mint, Coffee Tobacco – NEW FLAVOR, Cotton Candy, Cuban Tobacco, Desert Breeze – NEW FLAVOR, Double Apple, Grape Ice – New Flavor !!, Gummy Bears, Kiwi Strawberry – NEW FLAVOR, Lush ICE, Lychee Ice – back in stock, Mint Ice, Peach Ice, Pina Colada, Purple Rain, Rainbow Candy, Rasberry Watermelon – NEW FLAVOR, Strawberry Banana, Strawberry Mango – NEW FLAVOR, Strawberry Watermelon – NEW FLAVOR, Tropical Punch, Unicorn – NEW FLAVOR, Yogurt Ice Cream – NEW FLAVOR


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